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              電話:  027-81321519
              傳真:  027-81321519
              郵箱:  dzgczx519@163.com
              網址:  www.2alpes-vacances.com
              地址:  湖北省武漢市洪山區文化大道555號融創智谷A7-4

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              日期: 2022-01-26



                     全過程工程咨詢、PPP全生命周期咨詢、項目管理、項目策劃、工程投資咨詢 、空間規劃、工程設計、BIM咨詢、招標代理、政府采購、工程造價咨詢、工程監理等。





              Dingzheng Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd was founded in May , 2006 which registered fund is 50 million RMB. It is the leading provider of Public-Private Partnership and Whole-Process Engineering Consulting services in China. Dingzheng is committed to provide service in Whole –Process Engineering Consulting based on data integration.

              The company owns class A qualification for engineering cost consulting and engineering consulting including PPP consulting, construction,and municipal.We also possess class B certification for project supervision, land Planning and design geomatic.We have been recorded and registered in E-government and platform for engineering consulting certification, project bidding agency services and government procurement.The business covers the Whole-Process Engineering Consulting, PPP Life-Cycle consulting, project planning, engineering investment consulting, land use planning, urban and rural planning, engineering design, BIM consultin, bidding agency, government procurement, cost consulting, engineering supervision , etc. Our client conclude construction, municipal, highway, railway, urban rail transit, aviation, thermal power, water conservancy and hydropower, mining, agriculture, forestry, land remediation and other industries.

              At present, the company has more than 350 professional and technical personnel, including 100 registered qualifications, including registered consulting engineers, registered cost engineers, registered supervision engineers, RICS surveyors, tenderers, first-class registered construction engineers; other majors A total of 180 technicians. 28% of registered practicing engineers have senior titles, and more than 72% of employees have intermediate titles. More than 22% of employees have a master's degree or higher, and more than 68% have a bachelor's degree. At the same time, it gathers well-known experts and senior consultants engaged in engineering consulting in various professional fields to form expert committees,It provide more professional and more authoritative technical support for the demonstration of large-scale to keep construction projects better.

              The headquartered of company is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, which is known as the Kyushu Expressway. It has established provincial branches in nearly 10 provinces including Beijing, Chongqing, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Henan, Xinjiang, and Yunnan, and established 13 provincial-level administrative regions in Hubei Province. The municipal-level branch company forms a fast-responding, fully-coverage service network, providing comprehensive engineering consulting and special consulting services for local government agencies, enterprises and institutions throughout the entire project.

              Companies adhering to the service concept is "brand is our biggest asset, quality is our first life, customers are the source of our development", focus on brand building and business innovation, establish a sound quality assurance system, build a learning enterprise, In order to provide high quality, efficient and accurate professional services to our client and create the most authoritative comprehensive engineering consulting service brand. The company is willing to go hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life to help each other and create a new era of engineering consulting in China!


              企業文化  Corporate Culture


              鼎正的愿景   The Vision 



              鼎正的使命   The Mission 



              鼎正的價值觀  The View of value

              誠信   專業   信任   尊重   責任

              鼎正的人才觀  The View of talent

              DOER 實干家——D 勤于實干  O 樂于開放  E 善于授權  R 勇于達成

              地址: 湖北省武漢市洪山區文化大道555號融創智谷A7-4
              電話: 027-81321519
              傳真: 027-81321519
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